Meet the inventor


What inspired the inventor

The formula of the pyramide

Some Astrology

Photos of the game and instructions

Short biographie and photos

Complementary photos

Other neat stuff



Small biography

Family Home (until the age of 18)


Hospital in Amos (where I was born on June 10, 1959)


Christ-Roi Church (where I was baptised)


Christ-Roi School (grade 1 elementary)


Youville School (grade 5 elementary)


Photo of me at the age of 10


La Foret High School


Amos Golf Club (my favorite summer
sport from 1973-76, my favourite
professional player is Jack Nicklaus)


Golf Clubhouse


Amos Arena (where I became interested in ice hockey,
my favorite professional hockey player is Pierre Larouche)


Academic background

  • Resinous classifier 1996

  • Industrial engineering technical course 1986-87
    Lévis, Québec

  • Télé-Université (Knowledge of man in society certificate) 1985-86

  • Computer operator 1982-83