Meet the inventor


What inspired the inventor

The formula of the pyramide

Some Astrology

Photos of the game and instructions

Short biographie and photos

Complementary photos

Other neat stuff

2 pyramids in one

Magic Pyramid - Fairy stones

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The Magic Pyramid website include  :

  • More than 80 pictures and explicative comments.
  • The inventor and his presentation (society game).
  • Historic facts in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.
  • The inspiration and description of the inventor stage.
  • The mathematique formula and his definition.
  • The astrology ties with ancien sky chart.
  • The instructions of game, number of pieces and how to play.
    -Including many photos from the game for his fabrication.
    -Copyright © 446474 Industrial design #69392
  • Short biography and photos.
  • Economic life and the new enterprises.
  • Some pictures about government services and community.
  • Photos of places where the inventor hangs out.
  • Complementary pictures and some more busy site.
  • More neat stuff ( 1 cooking recipes)

This personalised site will seem to show you
how logic and providence go well together

A genial idea!

Martin Gravel

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