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Magic Pyramid


The game contains :

Six (6) small pyramids and four (4) tetrahedra on the base forming a large pyramid with two (2) dice.


The goal:
Is to obtain the most triangles of uniform color or with stars on the four (4) sides of the pyramid.

How to play:
1. The Magic Pyramid involves two players, one chooses even numbers on the dice wich correspond to the uniform color and the other take odd numbers wich correspond to faces with stars.

2. After having emptyed the base of its pieces, each player one after the other obtaining his number places the first piece on the base at the position chosen uniform color or the sides with stars. Same thing for the following pieces.

3. The pieces positioned on the base can be manipulated or pivoted on themselves, but cannot be removed from the base. When a player positions a tetrahedra he cannot later or move the pieces underneath. The only piece of the game that we can remove from the base is the inverted pyramid at the center for the strategy of the game and them its the other players turn.

4. The game ends when the ten (10) pieces of the game are positioned on the base. Then each player additions his triangles wich give him one (1) point each. The winner is the one who has the most points per game. A perfect game consists in having the sixteen (16) triangles of the pyramid twenty-five (25) points go to the winning player.

By playing many games the players can give themselves an objective of obtaining fifty (50) or one hundred (100) points.

The Magic Pyramid is a game of chance and strategy.

Handymen, have fun to construct your own Magic pyramid!

The rules of the game are protected by copyright ©446474 and the drawing by copyright act and the Industrial Designs Act and is registered under #69392.